{snippets} from the weekend.. my baby is four..

We are all officially exhausted after a big huge week of celebrating my little tiny baby angel turning four. So exhausted infact that my little princess is hanging out with me today as she's feeling a little flat..

On Saturday we had her birthday party at one of the cool new playgrounds near our place. She shared her My little angel dressed up as Harmony from the Fairies and celebrated with family friends, friends from her childcare and mums group.  I'll do a separate post on her party soon.. just a little pre-occupied looking after my girl today..

Sunday we chilled.. really chilled. We blocked out the world and enjoyed our family... pure bliss!!

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  1. Blocking out the world & enjoying being a family...I LOVE THAT!! Can't wait to see more on Ella's party! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! I hope she's feeling better asap & back to her bubbly self!

  2. Lovely photo! Happy belated birthday to your little angel. Have a great week :)

  3. Hope your little princess is feeling more energized now! It is so nice to block out the world every once in a while! Beautiful photo x

  4. Hope your birthday girl is feeling better.
    That park looks so exciting.
    Popping in via point & shoot xx

  5. I hope you've recovered now. That park looks like a ripper! x


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