the ADVENTURES on the trip to the country..

Photo descriptions are not so necessary I don't think.. in short we had a day of just hanging out.. the kids got to do all those little things that amaze kids like playing with the animals, playing in W shed, with tractors, in the cow tunnel thingies (yes.. i'm not from the country), they got to sit in a mining/drilling truck, mumma got to take photos, auntieG got worn out, we had lunch at a little pizza place and mumma got new birkenstocks.. 

So the reason for going to the country.. even if it was for just for a day trip did its thing.. I got to take focus of everyday life and then refocus.. 

the OUTCOME of the trip to the country.. coming soon.. 


  1. What a fantastic day! I am curious about this OUTCOME business, though... x

  2. Oh wow I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, your photos are stunning!! Ok, I'm off to have a read.....


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