{week-a-boo} it was a hot one...

God bless our air-conditioner and my handy andy hubby who just manages to keep it going and going.. although it really probably should be replaced. The old boy kept us cool in this hideous heat however (the air-conditioner not the hubby). I like lovely sunny days.. but once it gets over 35degC, I start wingeing like a toddler and turn into a sloth.. eeek!!
when cabin fever sets in..
whiteboard markers replace lipstick..
Moving on to the highlights.. we spent the days inside and it was nice to chill and not have any major events on.. I started on my softies for QLD project.. Ella also picked out some fabric so I could make her one and one for Zaccy too. They're about half way there but looking damn cuute!!

Another big big highlight was visiting one of our friends in hospital and meeting their new bubba boy.. oh my he is just too cute for words. I got to meet him on Thursday but just had to sneak in another visit..
There is something cool about hospitals when you are there for good reasons.. there is so much art installations, artwork, chill out areas.. here are some I just had to take a pic of..
the kids and boys trying to find the local koala..
no luck this time.. 
and and and..
there were a little family of bubba ducks too..
joining in with 
scissors paper rock's week-a-boo
fat mum slim's point+shoot

ps.. and to top the weekend off I found out that I won one of these little guys over at my little drummer boys..
a cordless mouse..
thank you Trish!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Love all your captures.

  2. popping in from point and shoot.........i'm with you on the aircon, i say god bless the person who invented them too, hehehe..........love the photo of your little one with {lipstick} marker, hope it wasn't too hard to get off, enjoy your week lisa

  3. Oooh congrats on the win :)
    We're off to see a new bubby tomorrow {born today} in the hospital & I can't wait!!!
    And yes, I hear you.....thank goodness for AIR CON :)
    Have a great week Kasia.


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