{this week i'm grateful for..} my car..

It was a bit of an up and down week and thankfully it ended on a good note, good contented feeling of knowing which direction to head, which door to open and which path to follow for the time being. This little day trip I took {which I've already well and truly covered here, here and here..} was what made the difference and without my little buzz box, it quite simply would not have been possible.

So this week, I'm grateful for

♥ my little car... I quite seriously could not function without it. It gets me where I want to go and it gives me my freedom and independence.

♥ my beautiful friend G... who takes time out of her incredibly busy life to be there for me whenever I need her, to be there for my kiddos and to be there for my hubby. I cant imagine my life without her in it and I'm so, so glad I took that Spanish class at uni over a decade ago..

♥ nature.. it just has such an incredible de-stressing effect on me..

joining in with maxabella loves.. 


  1. What a great feeling "which direction to head, which door to open and which path to follow for the time being"... that's pure contentment and I think that at the end of the day you can have excitement, promise, wonder, but you ain't really got nothing without contentment!! x

  2. I'm glad your week ended on a brighter note, I know the effect the rollercoaster of life can have. I'd never thought about appreciating my car but like you say, I'd be lost without mine as well. Hope you have a lovely week ahead x

  3. Oh, I've just found your blog and I love it. So beautiful. I think i shall be your newest follower:O)


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