{week-a-boo} a sneak peak into our weekend..

What a gorgeously eclectic weekend.. We did the house hold type stuff that sadly must happen every week.. but then we got into a little bit of building.. of the bird aviary variety.. more on that as the project develops.. but in short, we are converting an old wardrobe into an aviary..

Here are a few snaps of the weekend adventures.. There are so many more to download from my camera.. but for now the iPhone ones will just have to do the trick..

We hung out in our backyard.. and hunky can now reach all the swinging equipment solo.. he just loves it and maaaan.. he is strong.. he just hangs and hangs and spins and hangs some more.. 

 The photo just doesn't do it justice.. one of the most hilarious things in the world to watch.. its like an amusement ride.. they both spin each other around.. soo cute.. 

 watch out world.. daddy's making hair clips.. well if only to calm a small girl out of histeria from braking a hair clip (which she never wears mind you).. but hey.. if he can make her wear them.. then I'm all for it.. 
the fridge lock has failed.. a new one will have to be reinstalled.. 
cheeky monkey!!

the little man now eats big boy pancakes.. 
my hunky spunky was adopted out to the hillbillies for a photoshoot.. my god he looked adorable as a little hillbilly.. 
 and even ells snuck in a pic with miss m.. 
 at least someone is sun smart in the family.. 
and we ended the weekend with sandy chips on the beach.. 
mmmm.. sand!!

joining in with scissors paper rock and fat mum slim.. 

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  1. Yum....sandy chips LOL!
    And I CAN'T wait to see what you're up to with the wardrobe/aviary :)
    Have a super week Kasia!


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