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When it comes to cars I think I should have been a boy.. but I'm not. What I am is, a practical gal but most certainly not a girly girl, if that makes any sense at all.

My biggest regret when it comes to cars is that when I got a new car a few years ago and had a choice of any colour I went for a boring charcoal grey.. I like it, but it really should have been red. I got talked out of it by a mate of ours who is a panel beater as its supposedly the worst colour as far as fading and colour matching goes.. booooo!! I should have listened to my gut. Ah well.. too late!! Maybe Definitely next time!!

For my quick three this week though its not about reality and practicality.. in-fact far from it. My list in order of size not preference is..

VW beetle... oh the memories... the memories. A friend of mine had one when I was in high school and we spent a lot of time cruising the main street of Adelaide's most popular beach 'Glenelg' in it. Me a passenger of course but hey.. passengers can have just as much fun. I got my first ever fine in the convertible VW for sitting on top of the roll cage bar thingie.. ooops!! The funniest thing was that the fine said it was for a protruding limb.. seriously.. more of me was out of the car than in.. I think I still have it stashed somewhere.

So the reason I love them and always will is the memories, the fun of punch a bug I used to play with my hubby as travelled around the states and just cause they are just a cuuuuute car. I would never buy one cause its not really me.. I did test drive a few of the old model when I was searching for my first car but it just didn't do it for me.. I think I liked just being a passenger.

jeep wrangler... one day, I will have a jeep wrangler. Now this is me!! I don't care about the model but it has got to be red. Its just not quite practical at this time and chews up too much petrol and sadly its not going to be on the priority list on the budget anywhere near the top for quite a while.. but one day.

the hummer... just a big version of the wrangler really.. well, now here is the plan. I have a big boy who is happily staying in the 90+ percentile, so with a little luck, he will be huge. So huge in fact that he won't fit into any car other than a hummer. Hmmm that's it.. got it sorted.. I wont have to buy one, but mummas boy can drive her around in one. No seriously, I love these guys but its just so so big and unrealistic. Where would I park it??

images from here: vw beetle | jeep wrangler | hummer

What cars do you love?
What cars bring back memories?
What are your dream cars?

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  1. nice cars, i hear red cars goes faster lol.
    I've stumbled your post :)

  2. Mmmm, second attempt at commenting !
    I love Beetles too! I might have to edit my post to include it !
    Great post and can't wait for next week's....
    Hope you are having a great week, Dee x


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