{a little bit of me} where do i blog..

Since reading one of my fave blogs, Fat Mum Slim today, the question of "where's your blog spot" has been floating around.. well.. its kind of funny at the moment.. but here it is..
Up until last week, my blogging spot was here, there and everywhere, including the couch, outside while the kids played and on the kitchen table and my laptop just followed along.. The old-boy however had a few issues last week and from overuse/abuse on my behalf, and decided he would overheat, blow up his battery and became a desktop computer as mumma has refused to buy a replacement battery..

So until the old boy gets replaced with a nice new macbook-pro for playing on and blogging and a desktop computer, he lives at the end of the kitchen counter, plugged IN. My blogging therefore is done either in the kitchen in between washing up dishes, making snacks for the kiddos or on my iPhone.

It's kind of cool and handy as I can look onto the kiddos, but my feet are feeling the load.. my load that is :o)

Pop past fat mum slim and have a look at other blog spots around the place..

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