{quick three..} colours i love..

red... I really could be categorised as being somewhat obsessed with the colour.. really I could!! I love it as far as decor, clothing, wall colours, furniture.. I have a selection of red and white polkadot mugs which gets added to each time I come across a red and white polkadot mug, I have red cushions, my daughters room is red and white. I picked up a trike from hard rubbish because it was red (thank goodness it was fixable), all accents in our master bedroom are red, we have a red (shagpile) rug in each room of the house, I am on a hunt for red towels for the bathroom.. omg.. I love red!!

white... from above you probably guessed a white and red colour combo is quite my favourite. I know that white is not classified as a colour technically.. but technicalities are just that. I love it! I love the simplicity, the cleanliness, the non-intrusiveness of it. It works perfectly as a base to everything for me, I love it as a backdrop in photographs. I have a white dinner set, all of the furniture in the kids bedrooms is white and white bed linen.. do I need to say any more??

blue... I love black too, but I guess I really should pick another colour as such.. No really, I do love blue. All shades of blue really, which is kind of nice, as when it comes to red it has to be Pantone 186C. I love the sky and I look up there on a regular basis. I love baby blue for babies regardless of the sex, I love blue eyes and am lucky enough to have a family full of them. I love metallic blue cars, I love blue kitchen accessories. My little man's room is blue, well a feature wall with accents of red. Maybe that's why I love blue so much as it goes so well with red and white. Maybe thats why I married an American boy.. 

What colours do you love?? 
What colours make you smile?? 
What colours dominate your household??

This is the first {quick three..} of hopefully many more to come.. Grab my {quick three..} button from my sidebar if you like and add your {quick three..} post below. Please add a link back to me in your post so others can join in the fun. This linky will be open all week.. we're all busy so no hurry.. For more info go to the {quick three} tab at the top. If you don't have a blog or haven't had a chance to do a post.. feel free to jot down your little list as a comment.. 

Next week's theme will be {fruit i love} so start thinking and each time you take a bite into a piece of fruit and you get that Aaaahhh.. yummmo! type feeling, remember it and jot it down.. See you next week. xx


  1. Just added your button to my blog :-) Will try and join this when I get back blogging. Happy new year to you!

  2. oH ! I love this !
    Will add button to my blog today. I didn't stick to the THREE today, but defintely the theme. Am thinking about fruit already......Dee x


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