{this week i'm grateful for..} paint..

Those that know me would know my slight obsession with painting.. and although I use paint in my screen printing and lino printing, this week it's about the good old household paint..
The painting isles in bunnings are my buddies.. I rarely have to ask for assistance to find what i need.. I've painted on almost any surface possible. I just love how a couple coats of paint refresh and revive..

This week I took a stance.. After donating our office to our little man so he could have a room of his own a couple of years ago.. as far as paperwork goes we have been lost and all over the place. We needed a spot and needed it now!!

I decided that until both hubby's and my workspaces are complete, we would dedicate a corner of our bedroom to an office area.. So out came the paint..

I didn't want to purchase any furniture for a temporary space but I am somewhat anal about things matching.. So I attacked an old wood desk with white paint to match our bedroom furniture and TaDa!! We HAVE an office!!!

Oh paint how I love you!!
PS.. A bunnings visit was not necessary as I have a good amount of paint stock for various projects already premixed in my all time favourite paint colour.. Dulux - Whisper White

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  1. well done (oh how I hate the papers that pile up all over our house!) - and you took the time to make it all coordinate...very impressive!!
    have a great weekend

    popping over from maxabella's xxx

  2. I've just found you via Maxabella. Lovely blog you have!
    I too love paint, especially it's ability to transform something ordinary into a beautiful item/room that matches your personality. And if that personality changes, there's 1,000's of others just waiting for you to try on!!!

  3. I have so much painting that I need to make a start on around the place... I just hate all the prep work! It scares me into procrastination mode.

    Your office looks terrific. Very serene. x

  4. Oh clever painting ideas but not sure i could handle the paperwork in the boudoir!! I loathe paperwork, filing, eeww, would rather be sewing. You've done a great job & sure your boy will love his new room. Love Posie

  5. Whisper White is a great colour...I have used it quite a lot myself...but I have discovered..Complex Grey..half strength..posted about it yesterday...a good neutral!

  6. i love that you have your favourite paint premixed and ready to go for any possible job needing doing, that's great!

  7. I love white. Daddy is the painter here.

  8. Yes, i'm in Handmade Living too, a contributor with over a dozen projects, check them out!! Love Posie

  9. It's so important to have that space, isn't it? And I love what a coat of paint can do.


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