{quick three..} countries i'd love to visit..

Between being born in Poland.. growing up in Australia.. having an American husband and with family scattered all over the world.. I'm lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit.

I loved living in the states for the short time I was there. Ten years ago we decided to make the move to back to Australia so that I could finish my degree and have now made it home. We often think about moving back.. we have the discussion, come up with pro's and con's and the answer always ends up being.. here, Australia.

So the three countries I'd love to visit are:

New Zealand.. I've stopped over in Auckland but only saw the airport.. but I'm curious.. really curious. I love what I've seen as far as photos go. Its lovely and close to here, making it a somewhat easier destination to go as a family, and it has snow.. yep.. snow. This is pretty much on the top of my list as the next holiday destination.. so fingers crossed, it's not too many years away.

USA.. I've seen a bit, travelled around a bit and loved what I saw. It's definitely a destination that is on the list and not only because I want to see so much more, but because there is so much family that I'd love to see and I'd love to introduce our kids to. It's a bit of a future plan but probably not till the kids get a little older as I really want them to remember the trip and the people they meet.

Australia.. Yep.. I want to see more of this country and Tasmania is on top of the list. Its so close but I'm yet to get there. I want to take my big boy somewhere where he can do some serious fly-fishing again. I loved watching him in the States as he threw the rod back and forth with such grace and it brings back so many beautiful memories. I used to sit on the banks on my little picnic rug, reading a book, sketching, writing in my notebook, taking photographs and just watching. It was so peaceful.. so serene!

What countries would you love to visit?

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  1. Yes ! I agree with all the above !
    Hope you are having a great week, Dee x


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