{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

This weekend was a bit of an ordinary one in many different ways.. good and bad. Funnily enough I started this blog in August of 2009 as a place to write positive things about motherhood whilst going through PND.. it was even called 'the love of motherhood' for a while. Things calmed down and when I launched kasiabear I felt that this should be my little space to write things for me (hence 'kasiabear.. a little bit of me') and also something for my kids to have a little look at when they grow up.. Strange thing is that I don't think I have ever mentioned or written about PND on this blog.

I'm still not quite up for the challenge to write about it, but in short it was a crappy weekend as far as PND.. the floods in QLD got me down so I just sank into my family. The big boy was home for the whole weekend which was nice, meaning I got to do a bit of fun stuff in the kitchen for us and the kiddos, like making heart shaped toast, jelly, banana ice-cream and potato fritters.

We hung out... I got massages from the kids.. we watched telly.. we did a bit of gardening and started planning out our back yard as far as veggie patch, chook shed, plants, trees etc...

Feeling much more refreshed now.. so here's to a nice week ahead..

Joining in with a couple of my favourite blogs.. Scissors Paper Rock and Fat Mum Slim..


  1. Glad you are feeling refreshed :-) I started my blog to show things in my store and well lately I have done everything but that!! :-)

  2. Oh Kasia, your honesty & openness will go along way here in the online world, as you will inspire so many others! I think your blog is LOVELY! It's uplifting & colourful & fun! 3 things that always draw me in :)
    Glad you are feeling a little more refreshed after a chill-out weekend! I hope your week is just as fab!


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