happy monday..

happy first monday of 2011 guys and gals!!

a little while back i did a happy monday post with something that made me smile.. then it just kinda dissolved as some things do.. you know.. well, i liked those posts and i think i'm gonna try my hand at doing something consistently for a whole year.. 

to some of you seth godin may not need an introduction and to some he might.. well head on over to his blog and find out what this bloke is all about.. 

to the point.. i will do a year of inspirational quote cards by seth godin.. why? because i love them and they inspire me, they make things clear and they get me off my butt.. slap me.. and tell me to keep doing what i love.. 

so here goes.. 
happy monday
happy 2011

seth godin's blog

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  1. i love seth godin.... we can learn a lot from his words of wisdom :)


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