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Being summer and all it's rather easy to write my list.. or hard as there are so many wonderful fruit to choose from. I'm a fruit bat, if the fruit is there I binge on it.. and I am quite happy (and think its quite fine) that I substitute 3 of the 5 serves of vegetables you should have in a day for fruit..

berries... this includes every berry under the sun and blueberries in particular!! I love them to the moon and back again, just wish they were a little bit cheaper on this continent. I could quite easily substitute each meal with berries and there are so many ways to eat them, to cook with them, to use them as decoration and to make jam with them. The just rock my world!! Any donations of berries would be greatly appreciated!!

cherries... not sure whether they fit in the berry category.. I think they're a stone fruit so I'll just stick with that thought. Yes.. these little guys are my very close runner up to berries. Again so many ways you can use these guys and they freeze so well!!

mangoes.. quite seriously these guys rock! So incredibly delicious! I hate peeling them and getting the flesh out but its worth it. They make the most delightful sorbet!! Just freeze the suckers and blend them while still frozen. I use my thermomix and they come up a treat!!

What fruit do you love??
What fruit could you eat all day or at least half the day?

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next week's theme will be 
{cars i love}
this can be the make or model of a car and it can be because you love the look of it, or love the sound of it or would love to have one but.. hmm that's a pipe dream or cars that you owned but are now retired to the scrap heap. 
this is your list so interpret it your way.. 

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