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Ten years ago my then fiance and I decided to leave the States and head to Australia. We weren't quite sure whether it was going to be for a little while or a lifetime, but on this day 10 years ago we arrived and since made this place our home. 

We started off from scratch as I had sold almost everything I owned to move to the States and he came here with only two suitcases. Since then we have bought a house, got a car each, he has started and developed his business to now be the most sought after fish guy in the state. I finished off my degree and we now have two absolutely amazing little cherubs. 

So in a nutshell.. I'm just so incredibly grateful for the move we made and the life we now have. There are always things to do and to move forward towards.. but hey.. that's just life. 

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  1. Huge move, so happy that it paid off for you.

    I love this shot. If you look up in the clouds you can see some bunting! I swear!! x

  2. Yeah for you!

    You took a leap of risk and you've made it work.
    What wonderful rewards you are reaping and terrific that you share them with a heart of gratitude.

    Felicity x

  3. Hurrah for dreaming big and following through. Congrats on your life <3

    ps. I am also Carly from http://everyonewantsthis.blogspot.com

  4. This is such a gorgeous post. My parents did something similar and so did my husband's as well. I think they instilled that same spirit of adventure in us both. Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely lady x

  5. i've known you for a long time miss and through the good and bad you've always been on my mind... i'm so happy {to the point of tears} that you have such a wonderful life x

  6. Beautiful grateful post . Love the love the life tag too.
    PS Pop over to my blog there is a surprise for you there.

  7. Hooray for you two! Beautiful pic, beautiful post.

  8. Happy 10 years, what a great adventure you are living!


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