{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

Minor heart attack started off the weekend for me.. I popped my computer on to link up my {grateful saturday} post as I tend to write a few of my posts on the iPhone these days and my good old trusty mac was doing some weird shite.. as it was possessed or something. It took a little bit but the culprit was the mouse pad. Some little cherub had placed something large on my electronic baby and squished it.. Nothing a husband with a butter knife can't fix. Sometimes I think I have waaay too much trust in my hubby's 'mr fix-it' abilities, but I was willing to give anything a try.. and thank my lucky starts it's all good and well in the world of the macbook yet again.

A bit of a ho-hum Saturday really. The weather was odd and it rained a little and our little princess doesn't love the rain so the verandah got boring pretty quickly. Zaccy learned how to open the back door so going in and out of the house was his #1 game for the day.. and oh my, the amount of flies he let in.. oh my.. I just don't want to go there. Highlight of the day for me would have to be the three monkeys (1xBIG + 2xSML) doing star jumps together.. too funny and big belly laughs for me.

The house was filled with sounds of American football on telly, kids playing with the chuggington set Zaccy got for christmas, then animal sounds made by the kids whilst playing with the enormous schleich animal set that resides in our house and then happy sounds from the kids laptops as mummy did some work on her computer.

We had a little peek into Ellas baby box where I stash her special little treasures for her to have when she grows up like her first nappy.. Christening gown.. First shoes.. First Christmas decoration and so on.. She loves looking through it and it's a real treat for both of us. Each time we look through it everything seems so much smaller..

My big bro is back from the UK so it's a real bonus to have him pop in.. He's a full on novelty to the kids too at the moment.. Zac adores his new little buzz box car and could stay in there pretending to drive it for hours.. Perhaps not the best pass-time during hot weather but hey.. He loves it!!

Dragging any visitor into our 14ft tramp is always a laugh for all involved.. Ella loves showing off her new tricks and her jumps are getting higher and higher each day.

I think Christmas is finally packed away... I love Christmas, the lead up to it, shopping for pressies, holiday crafts, the joy on the kids faces when they receive pressies, the whole Christmas day and the few days that follow as we visit our friends to celebrate but one thing that I hate is the mess and clutter that lingers for a few weeks after. Just when you think you have packed it all away, pulled down the christmas tree out comes a bauble from the kids rooms or a decoration that was pulled off and stashed or a dish that you only use on special occasions that needs you to empty half a cupboard so it can be put away.. But it's done and dusted.. Yippee!!
And last but not least.. Both mumma and daddy snuck in a short nanna nap!! Oh how I love a sleep too up!!

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  1. Oh, it's so sweet to see them go through their 'baby box' isn't it? I've just started showing Ella hers & she thinks its so special that she was a baby once LOL! I'm jealous of your little cat-nap....BLISS :) And I'm glad your computer is ok! I would die without mine :)
    Have a lovely week gorgeous!

  2. another fab w/e!!!
    jealous of the cat nap too :)
    say hi to your brother for me... it's been awhile

    must catch up for a chat soon xxx

  3. Thanks girls.. I soo enjoyed that cat nap!! Havent had one for a while and we've had some shocking nights lately..
    Claire.. My Ella is the same.. She cradles all her tiny things and says.. "I was Sooo tiny when I was a baby" it's just adorable!!


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